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3. Colored light versus white light is probably one of the thoughts that comes to mind when deciding what types of Christmas lights to install for the holidays. Both are great, but where to put them is the question. Running lights work best when they are multi-colored.


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If you choose to place running lights on your home in fast mode, the best place is on the roofline of your home or along your fence at the front of your property. Never use running lights with icicle lights. That just doesn't look right. You can also buy running lights that are all white or some other specific color.


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If you choose to use the sparkling mode and want to have sparkling lights in your yard, you should use white lights. White sparkling lights look great on your evergreen and bare shrubs that look neat in winter, like a crooked man bush. White sparkling lights have a special effect when there is a lot of snow.


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4. Icicle lamps are special strands of light that have wires with the lights dangling down from the roofline, creating the icicle effect. These lamps are very beautiful on the rooflines and facades of your house. The key to keeping icicle lights looking good is to use only white icicle lights. Lately there have been many icicle lights that come in a variety of colors, but for these lights, white is best to resemble the natural color of the icicles.


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5. Colored lights can also be used outside in the yard. The best place for colored light outdoors is on your pine trees. If you have tall fir trees with that traditional Christmas tree shape, colored lights are the best. They will turn those firs and spruces you have in your yard into outdoor Christmas trees.


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6. Specially shaped lights of all shapes and sizes are also available at most of your major retailers around the holidays. Some of these lights can be great accent lighting in your garden. One of the favorites is the ball or star lights. These are large balls that are sometimes shaped like round stars or spheres hanging from their cord. These lamps are great for hanging from some of your landscape trees in your front yard. These lights look like glowing Christmas tree balls.


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7. Flood and spot lights can also be used to shine on certain garden decorations, such as nativity scenes.


8. White reindeer lights are also beautiful decorations. However, if you live in the forest you will need to find some sticks and a small piece of a large tree trunk and parts of a tree root. With these ingredients you can make your own natural looking reindeer and wrap them in white Christmas lights with green wire. This can be a wonderful accent to your garden at Christmas time.


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